Allow us to introduce ourselves.

This is Nick.

Nick founded Talking Horse in 2013 while working as an actor in London. He made his first website when he was twelve: a Matrix fan site. He loves beautiful design, hand balancing, and lettering. In 2015, after working together on the West End smash hit War Horse, Nick decided to expand Talking Horse to include Andrew.

Nicholas Hart

This is Andrew.

Andrew is all about user-centric design. He loves BBQ ribs, has a beautiful wife called Ellie, and a very intelligent dog called Ludo. Andrew met Nick at drama school but it wasn’t until they were physically attached to each other in a massive wicker horse that they became firm friends and business partners.

Andrew London

Illustration of Joey from War Horse

Having a background in theatre means we approach web design from a slightly different angle. We believe that your website, first and foremost, should be an accurate representation of you. The last thing you want is for your information to just get shoved into a template. We will work with you to make sure that, down to the smallest touches, your voice is reaching your audience clearly.

There is a rule in entertainment that every twelve seconds, something has to happen. Something beautiful, something funny, something thought provoking. The same applies to websites. If more than twelve seconds pass with your customer looking at your website where nothing is beautiful, funny, or interesting, you’ve lost them. We carefully construct your site so that from the moment your audience opens your homepage they are taken on a journey that is clear, enjoyable, and nice to look at.

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